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TFO Tile Factory – Can Fulfill Your Current Tiling Needs

TFO Tile FactoryWe could meet you tiling needs right here at TFO Tile Factory Outlet.

Our shop at 107 Warrren Street, Smithfield features a range of tiles to choose from, which includes floor tiles, wall tiles, outdoor tiling, kitchen and bathroom tiles, etc.

With our wide range of floor tiles you’re sure to come across suitable tiling for any specific requirements of your floor, irrespective of whether it being a kitchen, bathroom or living room floor. You can come and see our exceptional variety of floor tiles up for grabs, or even purchase via our web store!

Outdoor tiling is included at TFO Tile Factory Outlet. Our floor tiles are often fixed to a concrete. We’re accessible to advice you on the top adhesives to use on your outdoor tiling.

We also cater for wall tiles and you’ll discover a range of wall tiles in store, or you could browse our online catalogue for the latest line of stock.

Our web store is updated in real time with the recent deliveries and stock numbers. So you can browse online ahead of choosing to travel to see us in person. Additionally, our online system will make it very easy for you to make your purchase online utilizing a secure payment system.

Together with providing our customers with excellent tiles, we pride ourselves at being able to offer the cheapest tiling prices in Sydney. Just check us out at our Smithfield store and we will gladly help you find perfect solutions to your tiling needs.

So no matter what your tiling requirements are, irrespective of whether you need floor tiles, wall tiles, outdoor tiling or tiles of any specific material, we at TFO Tile Factory Outlet ‘re here to fulfill them. So don’t wait any longer. You’ve tried the rest now try the best and start saving today!

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TFO Tile Factory Outlet - 107 Warren Road, Smithfield, New South Wales, 2164. Ph: (02) 8728 7800
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