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Shower Wall Tiles – Use Larger Tiles

Shower Wall TilesWhen contemplating shower wall tiles, there are more colours than just white. You can actually decorate your bathrooms attractively and get creative by selecting from a wide range of wall tiles. From gloss wall tiles to large format tiles you can actually recreate your bathroom creatively that will go on for decades to come.

Shower wall tiles comes in an array of colours and designs. While white or solid colors are the tiles everyone is accustomed to, you can mix them up to create specific yet simple designs for your bathroom walls. Blending complementary colours into alternating patterns or rows can create a unique look that is still pleasing to the eye while standing out.

You should start by deciding the colour schemes first, whether to stay simple by employing a few colours or even be more dramatic and use plenty of design choices. This will be significant until you intend to remodel your bathroom on a regular basis. When you elect the colour scheme of your wall tiles, the next thing is whether or not to form a design pattern or keep it quite straightforward.

Forming designs with shower wall tiles is rather easy if only so many patterns already exist for you to utilize. The plans for shower wall tiles number in the thousands and finding one ideal for your bathroom must be a cinch. But creating your own original design will not be all that difficult either. Simply set down a pattern of sample tiles if you wish to understand how it can look. Then translate it into a number design for your wall after you remove your old tiles.

Once you’ve chosen the colours and design, the next task is the type of wall tiles you may be using. Gloss wall tiles employ a unique finish that makes them stand out from ordinary shower wall tiles. As the name implies, gloss wall tiles have a sheen that renders your bathroom look more fresh like you had just finished cleaning, even if you hadn’t for a while.

While gloss tiles do require care and must be cleaned regularly, they’re also sturdy and will keep going for a long time.

Another choice you need to consider is big format tiles. Many of us think of shower wall tiles as small, around one to two inches square. But large format tiles are available in sizes that may be greater than a foot in diameter. One noticeable benefit to using large format tiles is this : you need less grout, sometimes less that 1/5th necessary for normal shower wall tiles.

Choosing the right shower wall tiles for your bathroom begins with making all the important decisions before you start your remodeling efforts. Deciding on the colours, designs, patterns and type of wall tiles will mean making fewer mistakes and getting more of what you want from the facelift you are giving to your bathroom. Remember these changes have the possibility to last a long time so you will want to make your decisions count.

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