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Ceramic Tiles : Glazed Ceramic Tiles 101

Glazed Ceramic Tiles 101

Ceramic TilesThere are many groups of ceramic tiles and glazed ceramic tile is certainly one of them. When picking ceramic tiles for a part of the home, carefully consider what that area will probably be employed for, then match up against the rating system to choose a suitable tile with appropriate surface abrasion resistance.

Classes of Glazed Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles may have a rating of 0-4 or 1-5, depending on the source. The reliability of the tile and its scratch resistance is exactly what is being suggested for that rating. The 1-5 rating system should be considered. In class 1 are tiles that will see no action, this means they are in a no-traffic area. Where can it be found? That will mean using this tile on walls only unless spider-man lives in your house. To embellish your bathroom walls, you could utilize them.

Class 2 tiles would be where there is light traffic, like a bathroom floor, or anywhere where bare feet or slippers would cut down on the abrasion to the ceramic tile surface. The aesthetic appeal of these tiles is the main concern though soiling of the tiles is predicted. In this class you will find glossy, vibrant colored ceramic tiles. What of Class 3? They’d be suitable in most residential rooms.

Class 4 tiles could be seen at an business building, a shopping center, maybe even a showroom where there would be light commercial traffic. Class 5 has the toughest surface of all of them, where resistance to abrasion will be the prime concern and aesthetic appeal is secondary. These ceramic tiles get the most abuse, used in airports, subways, fast food restaurants and the like.

Is the tile Glazed? Or is it Unglazed?

To distinguish from a glazed and unglazed tile, you needn’t be a professional. Simply grab the tile and turn it to the side so that you can view it in profile. The body of the tile, known as the bisque, is the largest layer. The tile is glazed if you notice two layers. Most likely the tile is unglazed when the only one layer is visible.

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