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Porcelain – It’s R Rated!

Porcelain Porcelain – For Outdoors?

Do you have a new home or are you redesigning an old one? Which kind of product is ideal for use outdoors – Ceramic tiles, porcelain, natural stones? Is a low maintenance but hard wearing product the one you want? Do you want a slip resistant finish or are you currently tiling a covered area? Once you’ve determined all of your needs then you can start your research to find the ideal product that fits your requirements for your residence.

There are many products in the marketplace so where do you begin. Let us explain the different surface finishes offered while we take a look at porcelain. Porcelain tiles have various slip resistance ratings depending on their surfaces. The tile’s slip resistant values are related to the application of tiles. These values are indicated by an R rating that is rated between 9 and 13. The type of area and it is slip resistance requirement is vital when picking the tiles needed.

Porcelain – It’s R Rated!

The tile which is resistant against normal wear and tear traffic and is normally simple to clean is the porcelain with an R9 rating. It’s suitable to internal flooring areas. R10 is stronger however in many instances it features a slightly rougher surface and may be utilized externally under covered areas. The types that can be used on ramps and are ideal for exterior applications even in commercial buildings are R11 products. Since R11 product has a rough surface, it really is harder to clean however it is also anti-slip and front resistant. It is very durable, because it’s considered high friction. In certain commercial projects R12 is needed since it is ideal to be used on slopes of up to 35% and it is classified as quite high friction.

Depending on the individual needs, R10 and R11 products may be used in a residential situation. If the area to be tiled is undercover than normally a R10 is going to be suitable. If the area isn’t covered and there are lots of steps, or around a swimming pool where there is plenty of water, then an R11 product is suggested that is anti-slip.

Slip Test Methods – Here are this list of the four slip test methods inside the Australian Standards AS NZS 4586 Slip resistance classification of pedestrian surface materials:

•Wet pendulum slip test

•Dry floor friction slip test

•Wet barefoot slip test

•Oil wet ramp slip test

After the porcelain tiles have been examined then they receive an R rating. To make sure that your design complies with relevant building codes and legislation, it is vital that the correct product is utilized.

If you are creating a new home you then need to ensure that the product you choose complies with the Building Code of Australia.

The fun then begins once you’ve determined your technical requirement! With the endless variety of porcelains in the marketplace, you could make your personal alfresco living space. For a best selection of good quality porcelains at the smallest prices in Sydney, go to a reputable tile factory outlet store today!

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