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Bathroom Tiles : Tiling a Shower With Bathroom Tiles

Tiling a Shower With Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles DesignWho says a shower is strictly for hygienic uses? Your shower can project character and elegance by having an artistic tile installation. For arranging and installing bathroom tiles for your shower cubicle, here are some suggestions.

Waterproofing Ought to be done First

You will need to waterproof your wall to avoid damage from the humidity that will be typical to a bath room. For preparing the walls for this, several goods are available to make use of.

You Need To Mark It Out

You need to tag the perimeter of the completed cubicle prior to installing your tile. Firstly draw a vertical line parallel to the fringe of the shower pan by using a spirit level. That will help you lay the tiles evenly, you need to draw an intersecting horizontal line.


These can be bought in sheets, if you like mosaic tiles. If you wish to build your own effect just like the well-known waterfall effect, you can easily combine variations. Additionally, you will need adhesive along with a trowel.

To prevent skin and eye irritation from the adhesive particles, always use safety glasses and rubberized mitts.

Use the mixed adhesive straight to the wall, holding it at a 45 degree angle for an even spread. In doing this, be sure that you keep to the maker’s instructions. Utilize the notches of the trowel to comb it making a ploughed field effect. Don’t “swirl” the mortar.

To prevent the adhesive drying before installation is completed, work only in one square meter areas at any given time.

Attaching the mosaic tiles within 20 minutes of utilizing the adhesive is the recommended way. If a skin has begun to form around the mortar, get rid of it and reapply.

Make use of a rubber float to pat the sheets of mosaic tile into place.

After initial placement, the mosaic sheets could be adjusted for 10 to 15 minutes. Allow equal spacing in between each sheet of mosaics to enable the grout.

To conceal the joints between the individual sheets, position the mosaic sheets within an offset checkerboard pattern by sliding the sheet halfway between your two below.

Clean as you go to save time afterwards. When you have to cut the sheets for the perimeter, hold the sheet square throughout the gap and mark off a full tile row. Then use a utility knife to chop it throughout the backing. Afterward, push the cut sheet into position and pat down along with your float.

Keep on installing the tiles then wait 24 hours before grouting. Utilize sealant as needed.

You’ve just added visual refreshment for your bathroom with your brand new shower.

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